Rod Serling appearing in Mad Men?

by tom on April 19, 2011

Rod Serling Mad Men

The guest appearance nobody expected, Rod Serling in the hit TV show Mad Men?

Well…. not quite, but almost.

Marc Zicree the author of The Twilight Zone Companion and commentator on several episodes of The Twilight Zone on the upcoming Season 1 blu ray, penned this script for the hit TV show Mad Men, but included a very special guest star.

Using his knowledge of Rod Serling, and the time period of the television show, Zicree was able to write Rod Serling into an episode of Mad Men, and it’s a perfect fit.

Serling’s frustration with the television studio system, stifling his creativity and making it difficult to live up to the reputation he garnered on The Twilight Zone, was a sad fact of his later years. While his apperance in the Mad Men script is obviously a fiction, anyone who knows about this period of Serling’s life will recognise the many truths that Zicree has peppered throughout. Fiction it may be, but this Rod Serling is a true representation of the real man.

It’s a fascinating piece, and whether you’ve seen Mad Men or not, it’s still accessible to anyone who has an interest in Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone. Click the image below to go to Marc Zicree’s website to download the script in pdf format.

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